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Mr. Nightmare 2: The Nightmare Realm

Ten years after her first encounter with Mr. Nightmare, Anna is home from college. Living at home again brings up painful memories of the past. To help deal with those difficult reminders, Anna turns to her friends—the remaining members of The Nightmare Club. While things aren’t what they used to be, it is good to have friends around.

But Anna and the others begin to see signs that make them realize the past is not just a memory. Mr. Nightmare is back and is ready to get revenge on the group that banished him from their world ten years prior. And this time he’s not alone.

Older now, Anna and her friends must take on Mr. Nightmare a second time. Unlike before, this clash takes place where Mr. Nightmare has even more power. This time, they must defeat Mr. Nightmare inside The Nightmare Realm.

Mr. Nightmare

Bored in the middle of another summer vacation, Anna, her brother Chuck, and their friends John, Merrie and Marcus plan to meet in the woods at midnight every Saturday to tell scary stories. They call their group The Nightmare Club and they get together to see who tells the scariest stories throughout summer and into the fall when they head back to school. The group becomes inseparable, looking forward to the meetings every week as they try to outdo each other. But, their late-night fun turns to terror when they learn an other-worldy being—known to them as Mr. Nightmare—has taken an interest in them and has been feeding on their dreams.

Mr. Nightmare continues to taunt and torment the group until they decide to fight back against their tormentor. The more The Nightmare Club fights back however, the more dangerous Mr.
Nightmare becomes.


At an early age, Martin Quigley learned he had the ability to kill anything he touched. His mother died after kissing him goodnight. His father died twenty-four hours later after consoling a young son worried about his sick mother. An orphan, Martin went to live with family close by.
When an older cousin found out his ability, Martin was given the nickname Decay.

Now an adult, Martin finds himself conscripted to join the Union army in the war between the states. He leaves home and fights the war alongside fellow soldiers from Massachusetts. His commanding officer learns of his special ability and now wants to use Martin as a weapon of war. But Martin is the most powerful weapon on either side in the gruesome war and he has a deadly decision to make.


Eight Tales of Animal Horror

“Joe Scipione’s Zoo is an imaginative collection that takes readers to the beach, through the forest, into dystopian futures, and more places where insects, animals, and other creatures are more than meets the eye. Through vivid prose and compelling characters, Scipione shows us what happens when power dynamics shift and human hunters become the hunted. Each story tackles a unique concept and delivers a satisfying conclusion -- who, or what, will have the last bite? You’ll have to read to find out!” -Sara Tantlinger, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Devil’s Dreamland

Perhaps She Will Die 3D Book Stack.png

Perhaps She Will Die

"Mysterious, creepy, and unsettling." Calvin Demmer, Author of The Sea was a Fair Master and Dark Celebrations

Lisa Ewing and her family have just moved into their dream house. The neighborhood is perfect and the school system is one of the best, ideal for her two children. Everything is perfect, until Lisa notices the strange behavior of their new neighbor. At first, she chalks his odd behavior up to the fact that he is elderly. But things get worse.
A young girl goes missing and Lisa unearths the long history of disappearances in the same small patch of woods. Lisa is the only person that knows enough about the malevolent creature behind the disappearances and its connection to her new neighbor. Now the creature is after Lisa and her life hangs in the balance.

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About the Author

Joe Scipione lives in the suburbs of Chicago with his wife and two kids. He is a Senior Contributor and horror book reviewer at and a memeber of the Horror Writers Association. He has had stories published in several anthologies including “Stories We Tell After Midnight: Volume 2,” “Satan is Your Friend,” and “Throw Down Your Dead: An Anthology of Western Horror.” His debut novel PERHAPS SHE WILL DIE comes out this summer from World Castle Publishing.  When he’s not reading or writing you can usually find him cheering on one of the Boston sports teams or walking around the lakes near his home.

Find him on twitter @joescipione0

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Image by Pelly Benassi

"Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art"

Claude Debussy

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