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What’s Old is New Again

I know, I know it’s almost 2024 and I’m writing in a blog. I’ve been thinking about it a lot over the last few months, but as the social media landscape continues to change and platforms change or disappear and new ones pop up, it’s becoming harder to stay in touch with readers. I’ll be in the same places I always am—including TikTok which is a wild place to say the least—but I wanted to have a spot that was independent of all those other sites where I could talk directly to readers. This blog is that place.

(I don’t have a fun creative name for it just yet, so if you’ve got an idea, hit me up. )

I also don’t know how often I’ll post here. I’m going to make myself do it at least once a month but it might be more than that especially when things gets busy like they are in the next few weeks.

It’s been a busy year as far as publishing goes already for me. My pirate/survival horror novella The Life and Times of Edward Morgan came out in the spring from D&T Publishing and had a bunch of great reviews. I had so much fun writing that book and I think the fun I had with it comes through on the page.

This summer saw the release of Mr. Nightmare 2: The Nightmare Realm from Wicked House Publishing. I liked getting a chance to go back and write about Anna and her friends a second time to see what they were up to. I really love that series and those characters and I’m currently in the middle of the third and most likely final book in the series. It is a totally different book than the other two, much darker and much more serious in tone. There are a lot of new characters and we learn a lot more about one character in particular.

A few weeks ago my novella Justice was released also from D&T. This is the second book in the Contact series. This is a completely separate story from Decay which was the first story in the series. Eventually all these stories will come together but these books have completely different characters and are set in different places and different time periods. Ambrose Ryer is main character in this book and he is a really dynamic character that I think a lot of readers will come to enjoy.

Finally, the thing I’m most excited for this end of the year is the release of my novel Never Dead from Wicked House Publishing in December 8. This is my first standalone novel since my first book Perhaos She Will Die and I’m pumped for people to get a chance to read it. The majority of the book takes place in the 1920’s and I think of it as The Great Gatsby meets Frankenstein. There’s grave robberies and human experiments and that’s just within the first few chapters. It also has one of the favorite characters I’ve written. It will be great to get this book into the hands of readers.

I guess that’s all I have for you for right now. Hopefully people enjoy these updates and maybe I’ll mix in some book/tv show/movie recs as we go along.

Until next time…


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